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  Connect Realty, Inc.  
  4009 Suite A Bridgeport Way W University Place, WA 98466  
  Phone: 253.460.3458         Fax: 253.460.3478  
This highly structured, competency-based program has many benefits, not the least of which are:
  1. It assures that only serious career-minded agents join Connect Realty, Inc.
  2. It assures that new agents will learn about the real estate industry, sales practices and Connect Realty, Inc. quickly and surely. They  learn  ethical standards and operating procedures from the best sources.
  3. New agents observe, practice and field-test the performance aspects of the job quickly.
  4. New Agents lean real world competencies - not theory.
  5. New agents "see" the vision of Connect Realty, Inc. from the right people, right from the start.
  6. Loyalty is enhanced as the new agent sees and begins to know that Connect Realty, Inc. is sincerely dedicated to their success.
  7. It saves the company, management and branch owners / managers time and money by assuring a higher commitment level on the part of new agent recruits.
  8. It assures that all new agents get the same level of training and start-up support that is necessary for maximum early production.
  9. It helps the company maintain the image of a non-traditional brokerage with uncommonly competent agents.
  10. The Connect Realty, Inc. Mastery Program is unquestionably one of the best manifestations of company's "Agent First" philosophy.

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