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U.S. Military Families
This System Has Been Used by An Internet
Real Estate Marketing Leader for 15 Years.

Attn:  Brokers & Agents

This is a time tested and proven Real Estate Lead System.  You'll never  have  to Prospect for Clients!  I didn't for the past 15 years.  This site did it all for me.
            Military Families Will 
              Seek Your Services!

I know what you're thinking, sure, that's what they all say! But you must understand we would not make a claim like this unless we had created and used this system ourselves, and we did so for the last 15 years!  I continue to use it to this day and will as long as I sell real estate!  

It's Low Cost and No Risk! We give you practically the entire farm! A system others sell for $600-900 a year, we intend to sell for $80 a year and because we are in a promotional period for the next few weeks, you get it Today for FREE!  
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                                There is a small $8.75 Admin/setup fee
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Just Imagine This:

  • Never Prospect - It Does It For You!

  • Be Listed in 10 Cities for Free for 1 Year!

  • Be Listed for 10 Military Bases for Free for a Year!

  • Become the Military's Agent  For Your Area

  • Serve Those on Active Duty, Honorably Discharged, and Retired

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..And that's just for starters!

Military Personnel Rotate Commands Every 3-5 Years!

And Not Only That, but:

  • You Can Get 5000 Full Color Biz Cards for only $52, we'll show
     you how and where!

  • You Will Receive A Full Profile Page At No Extra Cost - a $50 a month
    value alone!

  • We Will Provide You A Dedicated Display Advertising Section
    as well - we  will even program a display ad for you at half price!

            Be Listed for FREE  in 10 US Cities
            and 10 Military Bases for one year!

         an $8.75 admin/setup fee is added for the entire order

This is a Limited-Time Offer
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Hurry Though. 
This Offer Will Not Last!

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How Can You Lose?  To be listed in 10 cities and 10 military bases, you'd normally pay $80 a year. Take advantage of this limited offer, the 10 Cities and 10 military base listings are FREE. An $8.75 fee is added for admin/setup.  That's it for a solid 365 days representation.

Do Not Miss Out On These
Special Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Free Access to our Dedicated Veterans Real Estate Blog.  Stay on top of the happenings in both the real estate and mortgage world. Monitor interest rates and marketing trends. Learn why it makes sense to buy or sell in your area.  Click Here
Bonus #2: Agents Can List up to 100 Properties For Free on our Military MLS.  Very unique. We have a special Veterans web site where Agents can post up to 100 properties per year for FREE!   Click here
Bonus #3: Free Military MLS Listing to Veterans Selling By Owner
If you are a Veteran and want to Sell Your Home by Owner, we have a dedicated website so other Veterans can view your listing For Sale or For Rent.

No Risk to Agents
Be listed in...
 10 US Cities and 10 Military Bases!

An $80 Value Provided You
Absolutely FREE for the next Year

An admin/setup fee of only $8.75 applies to the total order.

Register Now and confirm your email address to activate your account, and you're online immediately!

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Beryl Gosney, Realtor
VA Specialist since 1995

PS:  Become the Military Agent to represent Veterans in the Cities You Serve. Represent All The Military Bases As Well.  Only a modest $8.75 admin/setup fee for the entire order aspplies.

PPS:  Remember, this Offer Will Not Last...This promotion is made available to the first 500 Agents who signup.

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