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 Your's Today - Sold Tomorrow!
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"It is what it is, if we continue
to do, what we've always done"
Unfortunately, the industry continues to replicate
what worked  to sell homes in the past  ---
 I believe in a different NEW APPROACH ---
Read On!

                                                       - Beryl Gosney, Real Estate Professional   

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All across this country, we've seen and heard in the national news about devastating stories that have literally ruined the life savings and retirement hopes of so many of our citizens. 

We come out of such rewarding years of continual economic growth and witnessed the personal net worth of homeowners nearly everywhere in the country rise like never before --- yet, only to be dashed away in a fairly quick turnaround by the collapse of the sub prime lending market, and the disappointing failure of so many new homeowners to survive the conversion of adjustable rate mortgages to much higher interest rates and monthly payment obligations.

All of us seem to know a friend, a love one, perhaps a neighbor who is lose everything to bankruptcy or home foreclosure.

These are extraordinarily hard times with the price of oil driving consumer fuel prices almost unbearable for even middle class Americans to sustain, while at the same time the value of our dollar is shrinking at an alarming rate.

If that weren't enough, now we have the dilemma of folks wanting to sell their home, but because so many first time home buyers have become unqualified by all the lending changes, and because so many qualified homeowners who want to buy up or down cannot do so, until they find buyers for their own home first, it places the market is a quandary what to do next.

We believe we have the answer to the whole thing!

First, there are just too many OVER PRICED HOMES ON THE MARKET --- Agents need to get control of this situation and confront the sellers to order a professional home appraisal to validate the listing prices and adjust the listing price to a level that causes offers to be placed.  If this is not accomplished, agents should then elect to terminate the listing without hesitation.

Secondly, MLS's should be stepping forth to require agents to sponsor 4-hour open houses in two time slot options, 9AM to 1 PM or 3 PM - 7 PM in different segments of their servicing areas during the weekends to attract buyers to see them.

But you and I both know, we could go on and on with what we could do but when we have to rely on someone else to do it, it won't get done.  Especially not this time.  The animal is too big of a beast.

Here is what I recommend to get the job done...

Sellers, here are 10 Steps I'd use to get your home sold --- and sold in hours!

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Beryl Gosney

Step 4

Agree to
Beryl's Plan

Step 5



Step 6


Step 7


Step 8

Conduct 2-Day
Open House

Step 9


Step 10


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