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Pure Med Spa

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Pure Med Spa
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Have you been victimized by this company?
Medically?     Financially?     Emotionally?

Together, we can do something about it.
The time is right NOW!

Let's get started!


This website was created on February 26, 2008, shortly after its founder and his wife were victimized financially ($7900+28.99% annual interest) by the Pure Med Spa facility, located within Alderwood Mall,  in Lynnwood WA. (15 miles from Seattle - Everett WA).  Bait and switch tactics were used, and services were never knowingly ordered, requested, nor received by the victim.  All the person wanted during a walk in visit, was information about the procedures, their risks, etc. 

This website is NOT affiliated in any way with Pure Med Spa, nor any of its locations nor employees. This site is used as an information resource for persons claiming to be victimized medically, financially, and/or emotionally by the alledged practices of this company.

Together with its sister site (a blog),, we hope more and more people will step forward and share their "damaging experiences" with this company, and how it has impacted you personally. 

Help us gather substantiating facts, validate the testimony, names and addresses of witnesses, and to form a "contact tree" for what may become a class action law suit.

         Please Share Your Story!
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