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Enhance Traffic To Your Veterans Site Listing
Marketings Tips That Makes A Difference!


So, once just a few potential clients learn of your presence on Veterans Real Estate Online ( , the popularity of the site
will continue to get traffic, once the word gets out to the Veterans community in your area. 

Using the low cost marketing tips below, is precisely the way the owner of this web site used them, and enjoyed over 15 years of daily leads to his web site
for his own private practice.  You can have the same success that he did if you use these low cost, proven marketing techniques materials, and strategies.  

Of all the outstanding web sites on the Internet, few will seldom be found, unless subscribers take the initiative to brand themselves, to their target audience.


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Free Marketing
Post This Ad on Craigslist!


     Place this HTML coding into Craigslist: under the category of Real Estate Services for your town or city near your closest Military base.

     <a href="">
     <img border="0" src=""></a>

     Note:  the number "30" at the end of the first line of code above, is your record number in
               Do a search on yourself, then when the results appear, click on the Profile link.  Then you will see the recoerd number
               appear in the your browser.


Create a Free Twitter Account and then periodically post comments
about your Free services for Military Buyers and Homeowners:

                     "Home Search today for the best buy on a Foreclosure property".

 "Veterans:  I provide Free Real Estate Services.

                     "Military Homeowners:  Missed mortgage payments?  Let me help!
                      You have options.

Create a Facebook Account!

Once created, you can make reference to your presence on Veterans Real Estate Online
Post a link that goes directly to your profile page.



Here is the New Site Design
This is the Agents Profile Page

You will notice toward the bottom of the profile page, is the Box for Comments.
I chose to use it to show my Videos and if you scroll down further,
Rosie from Virginia decided to show a Nationwide Home Search
map that links to her actual company website.

Below is the Comments field (in your signup form)
that has been coded with HTML to provide a Display Ad.
If you would like to have a display ad made up for your profile page,
provide us the art work you would like to use (we'll use your existing
photo, logo, also), and as rough sketch of the layout of the ad, colors, etc. 

We charge $50 for this service.  Call us at 425-344-2222 to place your order.
 and we will provide you a mailing address to send your check at that time.



Veterans Helping Veteranss


In 2001, we established the
Regional Online
Veterans Homes & Loans Center

serving all Veterans and their families at:
NAS Whidbey Island . NS Bremerton . NS Everett
Navy Base Kitsap . Sub Base Bangor
McChord AFB . Fort Lewis WA

On Call 24 Hours A Day

Visit Our VA Financing Center at:


Rosie Koehler

I will be happy to give you recommendations on where to stay, eat, shop while you are here on house hunting leave. I am trust worthy and dependable to help you find that perfect home for you and your family.
I am only a phone call away!  - Rosie
  Let's Home Search...


serving all Veterans and their families at:
NS Norfolk . NAS Oceana . NAB Little Creek
FCTCLANT Dam Neck . Fort Story

On Call 24 Hours A Day