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The Best and Most Comprehensive Advanced Short Sale Course in Existence. Field Tested and Proven to Give Those Who Apply It, an Enhanced Volume of Business and Pure Short Sale Success. Sign Up Today For Only $1.00 Trial Offer (but PAY NO MONEY TODAY)....Click Here Now and send us your name and email address and we will put you on the list to be notified when we are ready to launch the site.
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Individual Classes
at Discount Prices:

Short Sale Overview Training
Getting Started!
Reg $299
Only $169

Advanced Short Sale
Success Training
No Training Like It!
Reg $599
Only $350

The Coaching Series
The Key to Achieving
Short Sale Success!
Step by Step Processing
$249 +
.6% per closed short sale

Weekly Forums
Accountability, Q&A,
Problem Solving
Reg $39 mo.
Only $69 quarterly

Investor Opportunities
For Realtors Seeking
Investor Clients
Reg $249
Only $149

Short Sale Negotiations
Techniques, Strategies
and Insider Secrets!
Reg $399
Only $250

Short Sale
Teams & Partners
Make More - Work Less!
Reg $249
Only $149

All 3 Classes
Investors Opportunities
Short Sale Negotiations
Teams & Partners
Reg $747
Only $399

VA Short Sales
for US Military Veterans
Reg $249
Only $149

Short Sale
Team Affiliation
Reg $499 yr
Only $299 per year

Mark of San Diego
"As a 29 year Veteran of Real Estate, I have to say this Advanced Short Sale Course is nothing short of comprehensive and full proof, and very very detailed, yet it is easy to connect to and shows you how to do short sales the right way..."

"I have to say that I cant speak enough to how much this incredible course has helped me to increase my business..."
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Short Sale Overview
$299 Value
two 2-hour sessions
Every Broker, Agent, and Short Sale Negotiator need to understand the Overview to represent their clients.
Audio Description
  • Not your typical overview training!
  • This is in-depth training.
  • Discuss Prospecting Options
  • Discuss Homeowner Alternatives

Weekly Forums
$39 mo Value
Only $69
Here's your opportunity to assemble with others who are also registered with the Distressed Homesale Institute.
These weekly forums are by teleconference and run for 1 hour on a Wednesday evenings from 7-8 PM Pacific Time. 

If you having difficulty
overcoming an obstacle in
a short sale, or just want to
be sure you are handling the process correctly, then this forum is  more...
Audio Descriptionn
Advanced Short Sale
$699 Value

No other Course Like This
Anywhere Else in the Country!
It's all about your Success!

Flash Presentation
  • 10 Week 35-40 hour Course
  • Held 4 Quarters a Year
  • Two 2-Hour Classes Weekly
  • Extensive - A-Z Coverage
  • Detailed - Intensive - Grueling
  • A Boot Camp Environment
  • Training the Best of the Best!
  • Requires Commitment/Passion
  • Unbelievable Results If Applied
  • Work Smarter - Not Harder!
  • Enhance Your Sales & Volume
  • Partner with the Country's Best
  • Form Teams - Multiple Incomes
  • Enhanced Short Sale Success
  • Increase Short Sale Closings
  • Become A Prospecting Machine
  • Lead Options Available
  • Short Sale Negotiator Teams
  • Legal Firm's & CPA Partners
  • Forensic Loan Audit Referrals
  • Opportunity to Join Our Team
  • Learn How to Trim the Timeline
  • Overcome the Major Mistakes
    Most Brokers and Agents Make.
  • Keeping the Pipeline Full
  • Reducing Your Liability
  • Appropriate Disclosures

Click Heree
for a
 2 minute testimonial.

Only $249
plus .6%
per closed transaction
The coaching series is available only to those who are graduates of our Advanced Short Sale Training course. No exceptions
Audio Description

  • From the Classroom to the Street!
  • Put the Advanced Course into Action
  • Hand holding every step of the way
  • Ideal way to retain the information
  • Your Business Plan
  • Setting Goals
  • Being solid with the basics
  • Overview of the A-Z Steps
  • Live the good, bad, and the ugly
  • Overcoming obstacles / troubleshooting
  • Setting up your lead machine
  • Filling the Pipeline (buyers & sellers)
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Negotiating Strategies
  • Partnering Big Time
  • Team Building for Volume Production
  • Weekly Forums Online
  • Accountability Sessions
  • Assist thru to 5 Short Sale Closings!

 In this Coaching Series, We'll Walk You Thru 5 Short Sale Transactions so you can apply all the
techniques and strategies shared with you in the Advanced Short Sale Course.

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Special offer all 3 classes!
$747 VALUE
Only $399

  • Investor Opportunities Class
  • Short Sale Negotiations Class
  • Short Sale Teams & Partners Class
  • Combined Savings of $348
  • Classes are very comprehensive
  • Enjoy the "How To" Approach
  • Gold & Silver Member Discounts
Investor Opportunities
$249 VALUE
Only $149

  • For Realtors seeking Investor Clients
  • Investor/RealtorTrust & Loyalty
  • Investor Mindsett
  • Reducing Your Liability
  • Understanding Investor Terminology
  • Knowing the Numbers
Short Sale Negotiations
  $349 VALUE
  Only $249
Short Sale Teams
and Partners
  $249 VALUE
  Only $149
VA Short Sales for Active & Non-Active Duty Military Veterans.
  $249 VALUE
  Only $149
Elite Short Sale Team Affiliation
  $499 Yr. VALUE
  Only $299 Yr.